True scents – Mango

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New! True Scents, True Moods

With natural extracts, rich blends and pure fragrances

Ένα μοναδικό, εξωτικό άρωμα από ζουμερό μάνγκο που σας θυμίζει υπέροχες τροπικές διακοπές. Ωραίο και φρουτώδες, φρέσκο ​​και γλυκό!




Research shows that 57% of fragrance buyers, don’t buy fragrances when it smells artificial. That’s why we use natural extracts in our collections. More than anything else we connect scents with events. People still underestimate the power of fragrance to which can evoke memories or enhance emotions. With True Scents and True Moods we want to enhance all beautiful moments that people share together. Whether they are cosy, relaxed, romantic or energetic. Because bringing people together for many years is at the core of what our products are meant to inspire.

A unique, exotic fragrance of juicy mango that reminds you of a marvellous tropical vacation. Nice and fruity, fresh and sweet!

Αρωματικά ρεσώ  kerino υψηλής ποιότητας και μεγάλης διάρκειας σε πολλά αρώματα

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